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About DK Tutoring

David Kemp Tutoring Services is uniquely equipped to aid students who:

Desire admittance into the Cox School of Business:

Acceptance into the Cox School of Business has become more difficult due to increases in GPA requirements. We provide comprehensive tutoring in every core business course used to evaluate admittance (Accounting, Business Calculus, English, Micro and Macro Economics, Statistics, and English Discourse). Thus we are able to oversee a student's progress in the primary courses which determine admission.

Need help to transition from high school to college successfully:

Some first year students benefit from the support we provide as they transition from high school to college. A tutor can provide the necessary structure to help individuals manage time. This will prevent students from falling behind in their course work. Those who fall behind face two options — drop the course or fail the course. Both options require individuals to repeat the class. Both options are costly, increasing tuition expenses and delaying graduation. An "ounce" of tutoring on the first attempt can provide a "pound" of prevention against repeating a course.

Benefit from the personalized attention and the resources a tutor can provide:

We are able to explain and simplify material for students who are struggling in courses and/or experiencing the challenge of learning differences. Furthermore we provide supplementary resources that target specific needs. We possess complimentary resources in our test files which help students prepare for exams. In large, tutoring does provide a competitive advantage.

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