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I believe in a pro-active approach to academia rather than a reactive approach. Students who contract to meet with us weekly have outperformed those who seek help during "crisis" moments. Over the course of a semester, meeting on a weekly schedule has proven to reduce costs and increase success. As a result we offer discounts for students who meet weekly throughout the semester.

Contractual 30 Session Individual Rate

Two weekly sessions scheduled between lectures for 15 weeks. Students who contract for 30 sessions during a semester pay a rate of $75.00 / session. Any additional sessions (above 30) are billed at the same rate at the end of the semester. Students enrolled in higher level courses (3000 and above) receive a discounted rate of $80.00 / session.

Contractual 15 Session Individual Rate

Weekly sessions, scheduled as one full session or two half sessions, for 15 weeks. Students who contract for 15 sessions during a semester pay a rate of $80.00 / session for the first 15 sessions. Any additional sessions (above 15) are billed at the $75 / session.

Non-Contractual Individual Rate

Non-contract students (those who come in as needed) pay a rate of $90 / session before 7 p.m. Non-contracted rates increase to $120 / session after 7 p.m.

Group Rates

Students who have the same class and professor can meet in groups, provided they work well together. An individual who participates in a group of two pays $60 / person / session. Students paired in groups of three pay $50 / person / session.

Payment Policy

Contractual payments are billed at the beginning of the semester. Payment in full is required, due upon the receipt of the invoice, in order to qualify for the contracted rate. In the event that a client waits to pay at the end of the semester, the client will be charged the full rate of $90 / session for each session throughout the semester. We require twenty-four hour advanced notice to cancel and reschedule an appointment. All missed appointments are billed in full. Sessions must be used during the semester in which they were purchased.

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